Grace Fellowship: Two Words

Grace Fellowship Church is located in the suburbs of Atlanta and was one of the early pioneers of the Younique Experience. This short and fun video captures the LifeCall, including the two words, of different people who walked through the process.

Finding his LifeCall

Watch what happens when this person finds their LifeCall. It was so compelling, that someone grabbed their iphone and just started shooting the video as they were talking on stage at their church on a Sunday morning!

Nate’s Story

Nate is a pastor who came through one of our Accelerators. One of the things that was most compelling for Nate as a pastor was seeing how the general mission of making disciples and specific calling came together in the Younique Experience.

Accelerator Testimonials

The journey of Younique has brought light to the depth of God’s hand in my life. Through my past, as He’s written my story, and through a fresh vision for my future! Younique has brought me the freedom to function from a place of true identity and calling. It has also fueled me to walk with others through their process. I’ve truly seen lives changed! Marci H.

There’s a part in it where you really push into your name. At first, I was a little skeptical with it, but that was when the light bulbs came off. When we did it, I had this moment where I was like, “Wow. This is so true and it brought such clarity to his life Call.” Shane S.

Wow! Truly is the sentiment I have when I think of my Younique experience. As a seasoned follower of Christ to look back on my life through the lens of the tools provided by Younique was revealing. Yet the greater benefit was to refine my focus into accepting who I am in Christ and committing to finishing life well. The level of clarity and focus on intentionality that was required while working through the 4 day intensive produced a tool that I am now using with expectancy for Kingdom advancing results in and through my life. Don C.

When you are young, going through life transition is just hard. The entire time was so powerful and clarifying the call on my life. Sydney H.

I’ve been through some Halftime stuff with Bob Buford and they told me to not be in a hurry. I felt like this came at the perfect time for where I’ve been and the transition I’ve been making. George F.

Through the Younique process, I realized I’m an initiator when it comes to building friendship with others. So when I was working through my LifeCall,l was so helpful to know that being an initiator gives me energy and feeds my focus and it makes me feel alive. Seeing this piece has be helpful for getting clarity on decisions I’m making for where I focus my time, relationships and vocation. Travis J.

Going through the Younique process reminded me of the people in my life who’ve influenced me. The piece of Younique that has stood out to me for where I’m at in my life is that I’m now the one called to influence. I looked back on my experiences and noticed a pattern. It helped me think about my gifting and how to utilize it best. Wisdom A.

There was definitely an awakening. God is at work and he was showing my how much more there is to ministry than serving coffee. I am not alone and I would love to do it again and can’t wait to She would love to work through this with other people. Debbie C.

The Life Younique Accelerator is just that – an intensive four days with your foot on the gas. The learning experience was both encouraging and intensive. There wasn’t a wasted moment. Each module was complete with a Biblical reference that was thoroughly unpacked and applied; in addition, the theories backing the principles assured an academic/psychological foundation; finally, the praxis and synthesis drove us to keep our pencils on the paper. This was not for the faint of heart! Only for those who truly want to dig deep and own their individual Calling. Jon S.

Certification Lab Testimonials

The Younique Certification Lab was a great opportunity to look under the hood of the Younique process. To be in a “live” Accelerator environment observing real participants engaging with the material and debriefing the process behind the scenes with the Younique team was an invaluable experience. I loved the hands-on small group coaching from expert facilitators on how to successfully help others get breakthrough. Learning shoulder to shoulder with other coaches and trainers who are implementing gospel-centered life design in their various contexts was a compelling way to collaborate and explore creative ideas. All in all, an excellent investment in the certification process. Kimber L.

Master Trainer certification was worthwhile on two levels.  The ability to sit with Will, Dave and Kelly and wrestle with the LifeYounique concepts at a deeper level was priceless. Plus sitting with other practitioners who are installing LifeYounique in their churches provided a wealth of real life experiences to lean on and draw from.  So glad I made the time for the training. Roy M.

The Trainer Certification Lab provided hands-on opportunities to practice our coaching skills and transition toward training coaches. Dave provided meaningful feedback, clear expectations and I walked away challenged and inspired. I love the way that the entire Younique staff works to multiply this process by equipping others. This lab will add value to your own coaching journey with more tools and by connecting you with a growing team of collaborators committed to multiplication.

John T.