Your Life Call is both knowable and nameable.  Younique is designed to help you get breakthrough for what is next.  Our 10 Essential Skills of Life Design both guide and equip you to purse your dream and enjoy a life well-lived.

There are 3 ways to experience Younique

4-Day Accelerator

The 4-Day Accelerator is an intensive experience that accelerates breakthrough. Individuals faced with timely questions are able to reach personal clarity in only a few days.  The Accelerator is also ideal for leaders of churches and ministry networks, universities and schools, and other organizations considering Younique. Cost: $2,450

6-Month Cohort

6-Month Cohort is a weekly experience and is the primary way that people in the local church take the journey to discover and name their unique special calling.  Contact us for information on cost and available cohorts launching soon.

48-Hour Life Plan

The 48-Hour Life Plan is a one-on-one, premium experience designed for people able to allocate the time and resources for personal clarity. Contact us for information and to be paired with a certified Life Coach who will provide you cost information.

A Story of Breakthrough

The Younique Experience is about finding your best for whatever God has next for you. We do that by helping people discover and name their LifeCall and LifeCore so they can see God is doing in their life as it flows from these things.

This is Nate’s story.

He not only experienced incredible breakthrough, but was able to articulate how his calling, made practical in his life, became more integrated after going through an Accelerator.

Take Your Next, Best Step: