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Younique is a life-long process of discovering and living out your unique life call.


We believe the vision of your church won’t be fully realized until each person in your church is released into their own personal calling. They are the hands and feet of Jesus, and God has set aside things for them to do since before the creation of the world.  But hear this: We LOVE the local church.

We believe in the local church and we want to keep all of the capital in the local church. Our goal is to make the local church the hero, because at its’ core, it’s the Body of Jesus. And if local churches can equip and empower their people to live out their unique calling…a movement will be unleashed.

This is our goal: We want every person to have access to the kind of immersive discipleship process we provide, and clearly, not everyone can afford this. That’s why we are looking to train YOU. That way, you can be the one who leads this out in your church and the only cost to your people is the price of their personal Younique kit.


The Younique Experience is a transformational process for helping individuals identify their true calling and then equips them to live it out each and every day. What we have found is that when all of the individuals in a church get this breakthrough, a holy movement of God can be unleashed.

Our desire is to see this happen in the local church by training key leaders to become certified Younique Coaches.  We will support you by creating a custom plan for launching this into your context.

One Simple Example: Fellowship Dallas

For the last year, Fellowship Dallas has been doubling down on living into their mission: “To call everyone to life out of their God-given purpose in Christ.”  They are helping each and every person in their church community identify their Life Call, drilling it all the way down to 2 words.  And in doing so….they are unleashing a Kingdom movement into their city.  Here is one picture of how this is unfolding with real people, with real stories and a very Younique call.

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