We are available to lead a custom event at your church, university, school, or ministry.


Recently, we have served clients with Younique in the following areas of focus:

How to build a Disciple-making Culture
At the core of every church’s general mission is the command to make disciples who then go and make disciples. We want that to be normal in our churches. But that is easier said than done. How do we build a custom-made culture, with your theology, values, convictions and ministry style to see the Great Commission happen at your church?

Staff Development and Engagement
Younique is a powerful process to share as a ministry team.  The experience creates appreciation for the value of each person to the team while creating a common language that not only fosters teamwork, but help teams grow more efficient and productive.

Leadership Training
Younique recognizes that each leader is created with varying styles and approaches.  Through the use of validated personality assessments, goal-setting and personalized coaching, Younique can help both individuals and teams increase their leadership capacity to be more authentic to the leader God created them to be.

Student Vocation Workshops
Education is both an incredible gift and significant investment.  Younique propels students from the classroom toward a life well lived by helping each one to name their passions, identify their abilities, and plan for the future through the use of 10 essential life design skills. Our desire is to help students align the investment of education with the purpose of higher learning.

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