The 4-Day Accelerator is an intensive for pastors, ministry leaders, non-profit leaders and educators who are looking to bring the breakthrough Younique Experience to the places where they lead and have influence. 

In addition, we welcome individuals who are looking for clarity in their personal lives to join us for this powerful breakthrough experience

Every moment of our 72 hour intensive experience is designed around the following:
  • A Definitive Calling  | Your LifeCall Statement that articulates the special calling on your life.
  • An Intentional Rhythm | Your Life-Making Cycle refreshes and refuels you for work and play.
  • An Accessible Dream | A picture of your life 3 years from now that builds toward a life well lived.
  • A Clear Next Step | A specific 90-Day goal that inspires and motivates you on your journey.
  • A Productive Life | A Life Plan that maximizes the contribution you make to your family, work, community, and church
  • A Contagious Resolve | Focus to overcome obstacles and structure to optimize your resources in order to fulfill your call.
People experience extraordinary life change with the Younique Experience because of the intentional process that leads people through our 5 Master Tools. Integral to taking people on the journey is inviting the Holy Spirit to move in hearts and minds. Our 5 Master Tools are designed to help you step into who God has created you to be and as such, our process for Gospel-Centered Life Design has a very particular shape and feel to it.
Accelerator Schedule and Detail

Monday | 1:00 – 9:00 pm (dinner included)

Tuesday | 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (lunch included)

Wednesday | 8:30 – 4:30 pm (lunch included)

Thursday| 8:30 – 1:00 pm

Upon registering, you will receive an email that provides you the access codes for the included assessments.  In addition, you will receive guidance on completing pre-work designed to help you reflect upon your life story.  In order to maximize your experience, we recommend setting aside 4-6 hours to complete these items.  All together they will be used during the Accelerator to help you name your sweet spot!

 Upcoming Accelerator Dates

SoCal Accelerator

August 20-23

Atlanta Accelerator

October 15-18

Dallas Accelerator

December 3-6

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