Younique is a life-long process of discovering and living out your unique life call.


What makes Younique different from other programs?

Younique is the first gospel-centered life planning experience that brings together vigorous assessment, personal coaching and transferable training to provide powerful break-thru in 10 essential life design skills.


Biblicaly Inspired
We are followers of Jesus with the crazy belief that God had a dream for your life when you were born. Ephesians 2:10 is our launching pad. Until every believer can name their unique life calling, we won’t stop offering the Younique Experience.

Breakthrough Designed
Most books and products that offer life planning aren’t built to get you to true break-thru. Younique will fuse 18 assessments, along with enough coaching and group interaction that you’re guaranteed to finish with a new trajectory for the rest of your life.

Dream Job Focused
Everything in the Younique Experience is designed to transform your life nine-to-five. If you work until age 67, you will spend at least 94,000 hours of life on-the-job. Therefore we want to have crystal clarity regarding your dream job. Most importantly, we’ll clearly define the next steps to get there. It’s all about #jobluv.

Church Based
We believe God has a grand vision for every local church. But that vision won’t be fully realized until you and every other believer in your church is released into their own personal calling. That is why everything at Younique is designed to make the local church the hero. Younique will strengthen and grow your church like no other program offered today.

What Younique Delivers

  • A Definitive Calling  | Your LifeCall Statement that articulates the special calling on your life.
  • An Intentional Rhythm | Your Life-Making Cycle refreshes and refuels you for work and play.
  • An Accessible Dream | A picture of your life 3 years from now that builds toward a life well lived.
  • A Clear Next Step | A specific 90-Day goal that inspires and motivates you on your journey.
  • A Productive Life | A Life Plan that maximizes the contribution you make to your family, work, community, and church
  • A Contagious Resolve | Focus to overcome obstacles and structure to optimize your resources in order to fulfill your call.



Peachtree Church, Atlanta

The mission of Peachtree Church is “joining Christ daily in the restoration of all things.”  One way Peachtree is equipping its people in the process of joining Christ daily is helping each person to understand their unique ability to partner with Christ by living out of their call.  One church on a journey to release a kingdom movement of disciples living on mission.

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