Bring your best…

Skill #1 – Discover Visionary Living:
Embrace four convictions today for maximizing your God-given potential for the rest of your life.

Skill #2 – Uncover the Only You:
Translate a wide variety of life-awareness and self-assessment into meaningful, practical and simple understanding of what God made only you to do.

Skill #3 – Name Your Personal Life Calling:
Redefine every day with the deep sense of knowing your special assignment from God.

Skill #4 – Accelerate Your Best Contribution:
Filter decisions big and small through a clear set of core values forged from your God-shaped history and passions.

Skill #5 – Engage Everything that Matters:
Develop a simple approach to creating biblical vitality in your whole life; health, love, work and play.


…to what’s next.


Skill #6 – Clarify Life’s Next Chapter:
Imagine where God is leading you in the next three years.

Skill #7 – Advance Your Dream Job:
Develop a practical plan to negotiate a better role for where you are or where you need to go.

Skill #8 – Focus One Goal at a Time:
Bring laser focus to the single most important next step in your life in the next 90 days.

Skill #9:
Work smart weekly: Activate the right roles and the right resources with the right rhythms.

Skill #10:
Reflect and reset regularly: Stay the course by working your plan with one keystone habit and a quarterly planning commitment.



Take Your Next, Best Step: